A bench as a style statement

If space is rather on the tight side, but you want a generous dose of cosiness, a bench is the answer. Whether we're talking about cosy evenings around the summer cottage dining table or the kitchen table in the apartment, a bench creates the perfect setting for games, conversation and enjoying time with loved ones. A bench doesn't just help you to optimise your space, it also creates a special atmosphere, brimming with cosiness, intimacy and good taste.


Alp is designed by the Spanish design duo, Ramos & Bassols, and is an exclusive series of dining tables and benches. The designers wanted to bring notice to subtility allowing the stringent and graphic lines to take centre stage and offer the viewer an almost picturesque outset. All designs are crafted from FSC-certified wood with an understated and natural expression pointed out by the clean and architectural contours, crafted details and blunt yet delicate design language guaranteed to overwhelm even the most critical eye. Detail by detail.

  • Clafted from FSC-certified wood
  • Natural and durable materials
  • Stringent and architectural shapes

Ramos Bassols, Spain

We believe our products are sober-looking, formally balanced and attractive. We love to lavish attention on details as we believe that the quality of products is often judged by the quality of their details. We try to make products with clean lines, yet warm and attractive for the public.
When we design, we simply want to create seductive products we’d love to have in our own homes. We have special concern for architecture and crafts which are elements that inspire us beyond the trends of the moment.

Alp Variations


Dune is designed by the German design duo, Hertel and Klarhoefer, with the bojective of creating a bench that radiated elegance and lightness, but with a construction that is far more solid than it looks. Thuis is achieved by Dune's solid wooden frame, where the elegant, curved shape of the seat and backrest and integrated seat cushions create beautiful synergy between the simple and functionalist elements, with clear references to Scandinavian design classics from the 1950s.

  • Organic and curved lines
  • Available with or without upholstery
  • Made in solid wood

Hertel & Klarhoefer, Germany

Berlin is often our inspiration. We like it as it is: metropolitan, creative and direct. But as well travelling around, in other countries, seeing things that strike your eyes is where creative ideas are being born… Sometimes the best ideas come in the most unexpected situations!

First of all we are inspired by the materiality of things. That’s why we work very early on materials and prototypes in scale 1:1.

At the beginning of a design project usually there is a conceptual idea that we are trying to realize as soon as possible in models and prototypes.

But sometimes some of our design projects have a strong conceptual character that allows them to appear in different ways depending from their materiality

Hertel & Klarhoefer

Dune Variations


The Grab pouf is designed by OOOJA, who have created a multifunctional piece of furniture that is equally attractive as it is practical. The defined stitching and the distinctive butt leather strap give the design extra edge and enhance the sense of craftsmanship.

OOOJA, Denmark

Our ideas for furniture design come from a big “box” hidden away in the back of our minds. A box full of fragments of design, shapes, materials, feelings and functions. All the things furniture design is made of. Ideas from dreams, pictures that we have seen or something that people have said or told.

We store all these inspirations, mix them up and put them on paper. Some end up as new designs, others are thrown back in the box for later use.

Grab Pouf Variations


The Nord collection consists of beautiful dining tables and benches in two different lengths, and the collection is a rather unusual and beautiful combination of craftsmanship and top-quality materials that are characterised by the distinctive mortise-and-tenon joints that fuse the leg corners together. Nord is designed by the Danish duo, Glismand & Rüdiger, who created the series with the clear objective of combining function with quality. Therefore, both dining tables can be extended with just a few simple movements to accommodate events both great and small in everyday life as well as weekends. The accompanying Nord bench matches the width of the dining tables and design aesthetics to perfection.

  • Made from FSC-certified wood
  • Extension leaves concealed in the table
  • Mortise-and-tenon joints in the legs

Designed by Glismand & Rüdiger, Denmark

Bolia was born in Denmark, and so was the renowned design duo Glismand & Rüdiger – an origin that serves as main source of inspiration in their approach to furniture design.

When designing furniture, the design duo seeks inspiration from the vivid Scandinavian nature and materials while honouring the proud design tradition built on simplicity, elegance, craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

“We share a passion for Scandinavian design and natural materials. Sustainability is the starting point for every new design we create. All the way from the first sketches to the final product, cause what we believe the most, is designing beautiful products that are built to last and survive trends.”

For Glismand & Rüdiger Scandinavian design isn’t a label, it’s a commitment in their design-work. It’s something to be interpreted in contemporary and new ways, and something to be proudly honoured.


Nord Bench Variations


Graphic and beautiful in its simplicity. X-Stool comprises two identical moulded plywood sheetsm joined togeter by a metal piece to create an incredibly simple design with clean lines. Spanith MUT design has created X-Stool, which has a multifunctional design that means it can be used as a stool or a small side table, giving extrace space in your home.

  • Graphic design
  • Multifunctional
  • Clean lines

MUT Design, Spaink

As a design studio, we’re attracted by honesty. Consistency. Our work is based on emotional designs and that’s what make our products so personal, unique and easy to identify. Nature, organic shapes and natural landscapes are great inspiration sources and we believe that even the most insignificant objects can trigger the creative process. We believe that great, though through designs can change people’s lives. A great design must provide solutions, as function is always the most important thing, but never compromising the aesthetic and emotional stimulations.

Grab Pouf Variations
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