Extendable dining tables


Discover the extendable dining tables of our collection designed to adapt to different needs.

If you have a small or large space, if you need a table for everyday use or to make dinner for your guests, the extendable dining table is the ideal choice.

At entos you will find modern and classic openable dining tables, made of excellent quality materials such as wood, metal, with a ceramic or glass surface.

Depending on the decoration of your space, you can choose a wooden or ceramic table in a variety of different shades.

Our extendable tables are designed for practicality and convenience, as they feature an easy-to-use mechanism that allows the table to be extended quickly and with minimal effort.

Explore our collection and find the perfect extendable dining table for your home.


199,00 €

Wooden extendable table 160/250x90x75cm


from 1590 €    969,01 €

Ceramic extendable table 180/230x90x76cm


1.240,00 €

Ceramic extendable table 170/220x90x76cm


1.550,00 €

Ceramic extendable table 180/260x90x76cm


from 1390 €    849,00 €

Ceramic extendable table 170/220x90x76cm


1.340,01 €

Ceramic extendable table 160/240x90x76cm