Ocean Collection


The mattresses of the Ocean collection are manufactured in Greece by one of the largest and most well-known companies in the field. It includes anatomical and orthopedic mattresses with SEA CELL technology and sleeping accessories.

SEA CELL technology utilizes the positive properties of algae. Algae are the most abundant plant on the planet and are known for their beneficial properties for humans thanks to their high content of minerals and vitamins. The treatment is applied directly to the thread so that the fabric does not lose its properties and can be washed at 30°C up to 5 times. In addition, the fabric contains viscose for a soft feel and durability.

Ocean mattresses can also be manufactured in special dimensions.


Ocean Pearl 160x200cm

239,00 €

Orthopedic mattress 160x200x23cm

Ocean Blue 160x200cm

449,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x29cm

Ocean Wind 160x200cm

369,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x24cm

Ocean Freedom 160x200cm

329,00 €

Orthopedic mattress 160x200x25cm

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