Foam Matresses

iSeries Foam Mattresses by Serta

The No.1 American mattress company Serta launches the new iSeries foam mattress collection and redefines the concept of comfortable and restful sleep. The mattresses of the iSeries collection, Flow and Core, are foam mattresses without springs made of high-tech materials such as Gel Memory and Latex.

Why Choose iSeries Foam Mattresses

  • Excellent conforming
  • Very good motion isolation
  • Pressure is applied evenly so we can experience a restful and comfortable sleep without sacrificing support
  • Blood circulation is improved offering relief
  • Foam mattresses are durable and long lasting
  • The fabric on the mattresses’ surface has a heat balancing feature that helps maintain the ideal body temperature and thus offering the most healthy and comfortable sleep


760,00 €

Foam mattress 160x200x24cm


598,99 €

Foam mattress 160x200x24cm