Armchairs by Bolia

An armchair for epicureans

Armchairs are for those of you who aren't keen on sharing space. You, who are disposed to the finer things in life and want ultimate comfort in your interior design combined with a stunning design that speaks to the senses. A designer armchair enables you to create a haven in your home, where you can always sit back and put your feet up. The original design of the chairs also boosts your home with a clear and expressive stylistic coherency.


Simplicity is the keyword in this sofa series designed by Yonoh Creative Studio. Clean lines are lifted from the ground by a solid metal frame that gives Cloud a minimalistic look while creating a comfortable starting point for you to lean back and hit the pause button for a moment. On the inside, Cloud is constructed in FSC®-certified wood, lifting Cloud to all new heights.

  • Clean, minimalistic design
  • Excellent seating comfort
  • Constructed in FSC-certified wood

Created bySkrivo, Italy

Skrivo was founded by Croatian-Irish industrial designer Stefan Krivokapic. His multicultural background has always inspired him to draw inspiration from the customs, history, values ​​and materials of different cultures to create original and innovative designs. At the heart of each of his projects is the idea of ​​starting from a material or an artisanal technique to achieve inspiring and timeless solutions. Always mindful of existing manufacturing methods and constantly looking for innovative materials, we create products that combine functionality and aesthetics.

Bowie Variations


Simplicity is the keyword in this sofa series designed by Yonoh Creative Studio. Clean lines are lifted from the ground by a solid metal frame that gives Cloud a minimalistic look while creating a comfortable starting point for you to lean back and hit the pause button for a moment. On the inside, Cloud is constructed in FSC®-certified wood, lifting Cloud to all new heights.

  • Clean, minimalistic design
  • Excellent seating comfort
  • Constructed in FSC-certified wood

Designed by Yonoh Creative Studio, Spain

 We always say that we design for people, and that's what defines us as designers. We try to do things simple and functional without forgetting the freshness. We are inspired by our everyday surroundings. Even if we are at home or we travel around the world we catch the essence of each place and give it to our designs. The perfect design is that one that makes an object simple and easy. The best design is defined by the little details.

Mix Variations


Fuuga is a series of sofas and armchairs designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli. The series also includes a version with higher back and noise reducing properties, called Nesting Armchair, which ensures peace of mind, immersion and few disturbances. All designs share the same rounded back, where the armrests meet at a slant, giving the design a distinctive and beautiful expression. Fuuga is made from FSC-certified wood, and the traditional wooden craftsmanship in the base is emphasised by hand-crafted details and authentic materials that complete the design experience.

  • Handcrafted details in the base
  • Soft and inviting design language
  • Soft and elegant design

Busetti Garuti Redaelli, Italy

The development of all our projects aims to achieve simple solutions, both technical and formal, privileging usability and legibility of the object. Through this process, we define our ideas reinterpreting traditional or innovative materials to make gentle life companions.

Inspirations are everywhere. What matters is to be receptive. We try to be influenced by a great variety of stimulus... always searching for inspirations, during our working time or free time, always keeping our eyes open. This is our state of mind.

Great design is, when looking at an object, the first thought is: it could only be so ...and after observing him longer: yes, there is no way to improve it, it’s perfect!

Fuuga Variations


Imagine an armchair where hours disappear in an instant. Where the extraordinary comfort makes you want to keep the chair to yourself. This is exactly what the Saga series does. And more. Designed by the Danish design duo, Anna & Signe, Saga is a fusion of unique comfort, pointed out by the inviting moulded shape, which also ensures that the seat cushions and backrest keep their shape over the years. Saga is also available in several sizes, with a matching footstool, as well as with a swivel return function, where the latter ensures that Saga in one graceful movement finds its way back to its original place in the room.

  • Great comfort
  • Danish design
  • Beautiful ergonomics

Anna & Signe, Denmark

Hello you! We are Anna & Signe. We think design is best, when it has a clear purpose and the level of comfort is high. We tend to like curvier shape designs, which in our minds are more inviting - just like our new lounger Saga.

Saga Armchair Variations


The epitome of contemporary design combined with quality, class and elegance. This recliner evokes feelings of highbrow reading with a supervillain swivel. A moulded core foam under luxurious leather and perched on a steel frame it will be a standout feature of any well curated home.

  • Swivel and tilt
  • Hand-crafted quality

Designed by Glismand & Rüdiger, Denmark

Bolia was born in Denmark, and so was the renowned design duo Glismand & Rüdiger – an origin that serves as main source of inspiration in their approach to furniture design. When designing furniture, the design duo seeks inspiration from the vivid Scandinavian nature and materials while honouring the proud design tradition built on simplicity, elegance, craftsmanship and sustainable materials. “We share a passion for Scandinavian design and natural materials. Sustainability is the starting point for every new design we create. All the way from the first sketches to the final product, cause what we believe the most, is designing beautiful products that are built to last and survive trends.” For Glismand & Rüdiger Scandinavian design isn’t a label, it’s a commitment in their design-work. It’s something to be interpreted in contemporary and new ways, and something to be proudly honoured.


Solo Variations


An inviting armchair with a distinctive yet familiar style, inspired by the classics of Scandinavian mid-century design but with a decidedly contemporary twist. Soft and comfortable volumes float within the neat frame crafted in solid, FSC®-certified oak that features armrests with a flat top allows you to rest a drink, book or snack while relaxing and sitting back. The seat is constructed for maximum comfort in durable, moulded furniture foam. Designed by Italian Studio Nooi.

  • Craftmanship of the finest European quality
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Designed for luxurious comfort

Studio Nooi, Italy

Nooi design studio was founded by Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita in Torino, Italy. Giulia and Ruggero built their approach to design while studying and working as designers in Italy and Denmark.
Nooi derives from the Italian word “noi”, meaning “us” – the idea being that design is never an individual act but rather a collaborative process, involving designers, companies, users, artisans and technicians. Nooi’s designs are always the result of good cooperation between people and influenced by society, art, nature and cultural heritage, and the designers are closely involved at every stage of the project development.

Visiti Armchair Variations


Soul is the epitome of classic design – the kind of design that just grows more beautiful over time and holds true heirloom potential. With its solid yet detailed construction, Soul exudes an uninhibited elegance. With carefully considered design details, the renowned German design duo Hertel & Klarhoefer has created a modern design classic. The removable seat is made with the finest grain leather, and the sustainable oak frame features perfectly curved armrests for ideal comfort. Inviting you to take a short retreat from it all, the subtle Nordic design ambitions of the Soul armchair make it a perfect fit for every home.

Hertel & Klarhoefer, Germany

Berlin is often our inspiration. We like it as it is: metropolitan, creative and direct. But as well travelling around, in other countries, seeing things that strike your eyes is where creative ideas are being born… Sometimes the best ideas come in the most unexpected situations!

First of all we are inspired by the materiality of things. That’s why we work very early on materials and prototypes in scale 1:1.

At the beginning of a design project usually there is a conceptual idea that we are trying to realize as soon as possible in models and prototypes.

But sometimes some of our design projects have a strong conceptual character that allows them to appear in different ways depending from their materiality

Hertel & Klarhoefer

Soul Variations
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