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Dining table chairs for design aficionados

The dining room is one of the family's small oases and creates the framework for presence and intimacy in everyday life. Bolia lets you celebrate the family's hub with dining chairs that add the perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort to life's most precious moments. Give your home personality with dining table chairs in a seductive design that enables solid craftsmanship and quality materials to merge into perfection. 

At Bolia you'll find an impressive selection of dining chairs that will complement your dining table and spread an atmosphere brimming with cosiness and aesthetics. Whether you prefer leather, soft surfaces or exclusive wood, you have the opportunity to play around with the design and the exciting materials, so your dining chair stands as strongly as possible in relation to the rest of your home decor.


Apelle is designed by the Italian designer, Busetti Garuti Radaelli, with beautiful and distinctive aesthetics and a design constructed from extraordinary craftsmanship The dining room chair is designed from natural materials such as surface-treated leather and solid FSC-certified oak or ash, with clear references to the Scandinavian design tradition. A design that channels its Scandinavian simplicity in a harmonious new interpretation; uniting function, format and aesthetics in an effortless and elegant way. Apelle is made to outlast trends and generations.

  • Italian design
  • Crafted from FSC-certified wood
  • Crafted from FSC-certified wood
Busetti Garuti Redaelli, Italy

The development of all our projects aims to achieve simple solutions, both technical and formal, privileging usability and legibility of the object. Through this process, we define our ideas reinterpreting traditional or innovative materials to make gentle life companions.

Inspirations are everywhere. What matters is to be receptive. We try to be influenced by a great variety of stimulus... always searching for inspirations, during our working time or free time, always keeping our eyes open. This is our state of mind.

Great design is, when looking at an object, the first thought is: it could only be so ...and after observing him longer: yes, there is no way to improve it, it’s perfect!

Busetti Garuti Redaelli

Apelle Dining Chair Variations


The Chicago dining chair is a classic Scandinavian design, created using the best wood craftsmanship. The chair is made of solid oak, and the simple design language with beautiful craftsmanship details give it a timeless quality. Designed to support the natural contours of the body, with a slightly rounded seat and an angled backrest. Add an elegant leather cushion for even more comfort. Available with or without armrests.

  • Handmade in Italy
  • High-quality joinery
  • Never goes out of fashion
Designed by Bolia's Design Team
Chicago Dining Table Variations


For modern Japanese people, the kimono is a symbol of thoughtfulness, grace and respect for tradition, which is exactly where designer Pascal Bosetti has drawn his inspiration for Kimono. The similarities between the chair and its source of inspiration are particularly evident in the seams on the seat, which add both a graphic look and separate the arms and cover from each other – just like a real kimono. Kimono is moulded, and will therefore hold its characteristic curved shape for many years to come. The soft seat upholstery also means that your dinner parties will probably never make it into the living room.

  • Moulded dining chair
  • Graphic expression
  • Inspired by Japanese tradition
Pascal Bosetti, Germany

My designs are stringent, functional and poetic at the same time. I have a great passion for honest craftsmanship and good materials, and my background as a designer and craftsperson affects all the choices I make.
I choose my materials with care, and I treat each material differently with great respect and curiosity for how they behave alone or when they're interacting with others. I do all this to create the perfect design where aesthetics, functionality and good craftsmanship are harmoniously fused together.

Pascal Bosetti

Kimono Dining Chair Variations


Traditional design and craft, seemingly impossible to improve on, but maybe not. The Mebla dining chairs takes exquisite inspiration from Danish design heritage through the most modern of production methods to bring you a timeless yet ultra-modern crafted classic.

  • Craftmanship
  • Nordic design
  • Natural look and feel
Hertel & Klarhoefer, Germany

Berlin is often our inspiration. We like it as it is: metropolitan, creative and direct. But as well travelling around, in other countries, seeing things that strike your eyes is where creative ideas are being born… Sometimes the best ideas come in the most unexpected situations!

First of all we are inspired by the materiality of things. That’s why we work very early on materials and prototypes in scale 1:1.

At the beginning of a design project usually there is a conceptual idea that we are trying to realize as soon as possible in models and prototypes.

But sometimes some of our design projects have a strong conceptual character that allows them to appear in different ways depending from their materiality

Hertel & Klarhoefer

Mebla Dining Table Variations


Says Who are the designers behind Palm – a series of beautiful and comfortable dining chairs that elegantly balance comfort and design. Palm is available with or without armrests, upholstered or just in wood. All versions are created with an eye for the beautiful details that make the chair as functional as it is breathtaking. The slanted legs, together with the excellent craftsmanship, ensure that your Palm chair can carry both small and large experiences for an entire lifetime.

  • Clean lines
  • Different variants
  • Slanted legs for extra stability
Says Who, Denmark

We are Nikolaj and Kasper. We are Says Who Design. We like to tell stories through our products. Stories that add character and relevance to the user experience. We love simple, clever yet masculine design. Rawness expressed through refined details. We always strive to add personality to the product. An edge or feature that defines its use, style or statement.

Good design is useful, characteristic and tells a story. It leaves a lasting impression that enriches our lives in ways we never thought of before. When design is at its best, it enriches our everyday lives and experiences.

Says Who

Palm Dining Chair Variations


Seed is a series of chairs designed by Hans Thyge & Co. Designed with comfort and the body’s natural position in mind, Seed is designed to embrace you and provide exceptional comfort. From the seat’s soft curves, the front’s slight inclination and the flexible back, Seed offers you extraordinary comfort and excellent lumbar support. Seed is also made from recycled plastic and FSC-certified wood, and the construction is strong enough to withstand even the toughest quality tests.

  • Exceptional ergonomic comfort
  • Made of FSC®-certified wood and recycled plastic
  • Organic curves and sculptural design
Hans Thyge & Co, Denmark

Hans Thyge & Co consists of passionate designers with strong ideas and a love for beautiful design. Together we work with a combination of a strong tradition and a drive to explore the unknown and innovative parts of design.
The design studio specializes in designing furniture, objects and interiors. We juggle with everything from technical projects and lifestyle concepts to branding and communication and always with a strategic, sustainable and commercial approach in mind. We have a long history of know-how and experience working with a variety of materials and production methods for clients worldwide.

Working with many nationalities and different design approaches worldwide, demands an attitude of openness and collaborative skills. The mixture of different cultures and design-traditions is the hot-spot where great design comes to life.
We believe in combining brain and heart, function and aesthetics, and that every design should tell a story; a product is so much more than the product itself, it is about creativity, vision, culture, company values, the past, the present and the future.

Hertel & Klarhoefer

Seed Dining Table Variations


Swing is the dining chair for you if you love luxurious design classics. Swing is an exclusive designer chair, which is handmade and always crafted in solid wood. This modern classic is the epitome of genuine wood craftsmanship.

Designed by Henrik Sørig Thomsen, Denmark

I am a passionate and dedicated designer. I simply love my job. I love working with design objects that supports our senses. The designs we surround ourselves with everyday, must be able to support our everyday lives. A good design help’s you on a daily basis, without you ever thinking about it.

Henrik Sørig Thomsen

Swing Dining Chair Variations


Tune means to correct the pitch or adjust, and that is exactly what Tune does – in both form and function. The idea behind the design is simple; to create a chair that releases space in a room instead of consuming it. The chair's slim and elegant frame with durable construction means Tune dining table chairs have the unique ability to be stacked.

  • Simple and slim design
  • Stackable and comfortable
  • Made from FSC-certified wood
Designed by Henrik Sørig Thomsen, Denmark

I am a passionate and dedicated designer. I simply love my job. I love working with design objects that supports our senses. The designs we surround ourselves with everyday, must be able to support our everyday lives. A good design help’s you on a daily basis, without you ever thinking about it.

Swing Dining Table Variations
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