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The homes we create are the ones we are, and your home tells a story. A story about you, about curiosity, wanderlust, individuality, creativity, taste and personal experiences and memories.

Our various vases, candleholders, glassware and other home accessories enable you to start a new story or continue the one you've already begun. Our range of accessories offers a mix of materials and expressions that give you creative freedom and put your story first. To tell something new or retell something very special.


Alve is a hand-knotted high-quality rug with a soft, inviting and calm expression. Made of 100% uncoloured wool with a cotton warp thread, Alve has a natural quality. The series is also available in several sizes and colours, all of which contribute to creating a unique and inviting backdrop in any room. Alve's soft texture and feel reinforce the subtle reference to nature’s tranquility. Alve, like all our other rugs, features the Care & Fair label, which ensures good conditions for the weavers and their families.

  • Made of undyed wool
  • Hand-knotted
  • Care & Fair label

Designed by Bolia's Design Team

Alve Rug Variations


Bramble's beautiful and distinctive appearance was the result of an antique waffle iron that was used to create the prototype. Today, a special mould is used to replicate the process, and each vase is blown in this form, giving each vase a unique quality with a distinctive surface and bubbling structure. Bramble is also made from 100% pure sand, which ensures a stronger and higher quality than recycled glass.

  • Handmade details
  • Mouth-blown pure glass
  • Unique design and expression

Designed by Design Studio NIRUK, Germany

David and Nina are the creative minds behind the German design studio, Design Studio NIRUK. Their design philosophy is aesthetic, pragmatic and always based around user needs. They are inspired by nature, and working with authentic, pure materials and contours, shapes, tactility and new techniques are essential elements for the creative duo. Design Studio NIRUK always like to experiment and push themselves when designing new products. They think out of the box, working away from the ordinary towards the extraordinary, where they combine traditional craftsmanship with new ideas. Their designs have a clear design language, a sharp contour and are authentic products full of life, history and character.

Design Studio NIRUK

Bramble Vase Variations


In 2017, Fabio Vogel won our Bolia Design Award with the Bronco vase. A unique design that beautifully combines traditional craftsmanship with new technology. The prototypes are made of mouth-blown glass, which is blown into fabric bags to give the vase its distinctive pattern. Every single Bronco vase is completely unique, just like you.

  • Winner of Bolia Design Award 2017
  • Unique design
  • Distinctive pattern

Designed by Fabio Vogel, Germany

I work with my hands – always providing me the inspiration for new ideas. The characteristic nature of the materials, which I work with, often show me unique directions to take, allowing me to play and experiment with rather unconventional methods. I absolutely love this creative process and always aspire to bring my ideas to life and realizing them through design results.

Fabio Vogel

Bronco Vase Variations


Dalvik is made from 100% wool from New Zealand. The rug is hand-woven using a special technique that creates the small bubble-like texture in Dalvik. The colours are inspired by Nordic nature, with cool, muted tones that bring an exclusive yet natural edge into your home.

  • 100% wool from New Zealand
  • Care & Fair label
  • Inspired by Nordic nature

Designed by Bolia's Design Team

Dalvik Rug Variations


Haven is a range of bed frames, headboards and mirrors. The minimalist bed frame is made of solid oak, as well as a soft, inviting headboard that matches the frame. Crafted from wood, the bed frame is designed with a wide surrounding frame, adding both an uncluttered appearance and extra functionality, with the surface being ideal for parking your morning coffee or book. The designers behind Steffensen & Würtz have created Haven bed frames and headboards from a minimalist perspective, combined with handcrafted details and a love and respect for natural, solid and durable materials. All combined to help make Haven a tranquil sanctuary for everyday life and weekends.

  • Natural materials
  • Solid oak
  • Complete range of bed frames and headboards

Designed by Steffensen & Würtz, Denmark

With an honest approach to design, we strive to create designs that push your boundaries and create value in your everyday life. We love challenging our creative and methodological approach in order to create products and furniture that make sense and possess great personality. A product design should awaken your curiosity and even make you smile. We are always ready for giving you our say on tomorrow's designs.
Steffensen & Würtz

Haven Mirror Variations


Hour is a series of vases, bowls and candleholders inspired by the silhouette of an hourglass and the fleetingness of time. With its clean and subtle beauty, Hour brings attention to the smaller things in life, and the fragility of time and taste. A sculptural design language with voluptuous contours designed to slow things down and with its elegant and beautiful exterior created to bring life to a momentary pause. Each design is made of durable and beautiful stoneware glazed mat on the outside to allude calm and serenity and shiny on the inside to ease cleaning and longevity.

  • Sculptural design
  • Inspired by the hourglass
  • Durable stoneware

201 Design Studio, Romania

A great design is sincere, functional and recognizable. It’s always useful, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. A great design is one that becomes irreplaceable through innovation. At 201 Design Studio, we try to keep the aesthetics simple and easy to recognize. We aim at balancing function, ergonomics, means of production and aesthetics when developing a product. We’re always keeping an open eye on everything that surrounds us – looking for inspiration for new designs.

201 Design Studio

Hour Vase Variations


Racquet is a series of handcrafted mirrors designed by Oliver Schick and is made of steam bended wood curved around the actual mirror. An intricate technique making each mirror completely unique with an elegant and still playful expression. The series is inspired by the format of tennis rackets, shown in the beautiful peak. An elegant and organic design made from premium quality materials.

  • FSC-certified wood
  • Made from steam bended oak
  • Different dimensions and shapes

Oliver Schick, Germany

Oliver Schick was born in the small German town, Darmstadt. A town with an artistic cultural background, that has since grown as a vivid inspiration in his work. His design approach and aesthetic are to fuse simplistic ideas with grand stories that create a mood or feeling in the user and viewer. This clearly comes to show in his many beautiful projects, where minor changes and unexpected details add a lively character and dimensions to each design.

His aim is to design products with a timeless character that is easy to understand and decode. Design should be easy to use, and the idea easily communicated to the viewer and user without becoming trivial or freed from identity. He believes that good design should tell a story, and not only fulfill a need, striking a beautiful balance between usage of the design and the story it communicates so well.

Oliver Schick

Racquet Mirror Variations


Zen is a beautiful series of rugs with a distinctive design language. Emily Broom, who is behind Zen, won Bolia Design Awards in 2020 with Zen rugs. Her inspiration for the design was everyday life and the need to make your home into a small sanctuary. The rugs are therefore inspired by the Japanese 'Zen' gardens, which, as the word indicates, invite you to immersion and relaxation and a unique feeling of well-being and 'zen'. And this is precisely what the intention is with the Zen rugs' simple shapes, sustainable materials and good quality – to bring a natural, down-to-earth foundation into your interior design. The rugs are also available in three different sizes and designs, all with a simple and calm aesthetic.

  • Inspired by Zen gardens
  • Several sizes and shapes
  • Winner of Bolia Design Awards 2020

Designed by Studio Emily Broom, Denmark

My multidisciplinary approach merges formal training in Architecture, Interior Design and Visual Communications to create meaningful design solutions that are well rounded and complement an intuitive way of living. Each project is an opportunity to explore the fine balance where practicality and sophistication co-exist in elegant and exciting harmony. This gives rise to new spatial and product solutions that are useful, engaging and relevant. I am excited by the intersection of interiors and products, people and spaces and enriching the experience when these things meld together. I have a keen focus on simple geometry, quality materials and an appreciation of craftsmanship and permanency. Tactility, form and composition are key factors throughout my design process. I like to get my hands dirty so I can understand and experience the design as it evolves. I believe this helps my designs become more free and intuitive and hopefully richer as a result. My work aims to look good, be delightful to the touch and be easy to understand.

Studio Emily Broom

Zen Rug Variations
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