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Set the mood

Subtle light sources that highlight those quiet corners where you seek the space for contemplation and relaxation. Or like pearls on a decorative string that create a welcoming and atmospheric backdrop over the dining table or in the entrance hall.

Every single lamp, spotlight, light source and elegant beam of light is designed with a meticulous near-clinical precision that doesn't succumb to fleeting fads or trends, but cherishes the craftsmanship and traditions at the same time as challenging, developing and interpreting the heritage, design language, culture and spirit in a respectful yet alluringly unique way.


The elegant and sheer fabric adds a light, playful effect to the Balloon lamp and reflects the light in an almost hypnotic way. Balloon features precise, hand-sewn details all down the side – details that have required a special technique and a very steady hand.

  • Elegant and playful appearance
  • Calming light source
  • Stylish details down the lampshade

Designed by Meike Harde, Germany

My designs are characterized through fine structures, certain transparencies and subtle details adapted in pure shapes. My designs aim towards an aesthetic synergy of material and form. I believe that a decorative element should walk hand in hand with a useful purpose. For me, function and aesthetic are a unified whole.

Balloon Variations


The Danish design studio, Spant Studio, is behind Campa. A series of lamps, where each one takes ownership of its unique signature, but where the distinctive design is echoed in all versions. The inspiration behind the design was to create a simple design without too many components, which would still catch the eye. The light source and shade's material have been carefully selected to do just that. The shade is made of opal glass, which creates a calming atmosphere for the eye and mind. The design of the shade creates a downward light, as well as through the semi-transparent glass, and the small grooves on the side of the shade are a stylish detail.

  • Complete range
  • Calm, semi-transparent light
  • Elegant and neutral design

Spant Studio, Denmark

As the world grows ever more complicated, we strive to create simple and meaningful getaways, retreats and pieces of design with a unique experience for the demanding customer.
The spaces that surround us have great impact on the quality of our lives. Hence, we dedicate our professional lives to contribute to the Scandinavian heritage of architectural design – the art of designing holistic and immersive experiences.

We really do believe that simple and attractive aesthetics can heighten the feeling of being alive and add a certain degree of mental health to our existence. Our wish is to design objects that hold the potential of achieving that goal.
We design objects when we are presented to a given possibility to contribute with something beautiful and meaningful. It is not a crusade but an invitation.

Spant Studio

Campa Lighting Variations


Grape is designed by the Norwegian design duo, Morten & Jonas. A lamp with an organic design language that unites voluminous curves with gracious lines. Grape is handmade and strongly inspired by the traditional craftsmanship that can be traced in the fine details adorning the base and creating an alluring and curious legacy.

  • Playful expression
  • Handmade
  • Organic form

Designed by Morten & Jonas, Norway

We get inspired by life. We want to have a curious and playful approach to our work in terms of expression, materials and the people. But with a high understanding of form, function and details. A small touch of humour is also important. Great design for us is when our work makes someone else happy.

Morten & Jonas

Grape Variations


The Leaves floor lamp combines an elegant design and sculptural lines with a solid terrazzo foot, making a beautiful contrast to the lightness of the lamp's design. The lampshade is inspired by Alexander Calder's small moving sculptures and can be rotated to ensure that you always have the right light, whether the lamp is positioned by the sofa, armchair or as a creative bedside lamp solution.

  • Rotating lampshade
  • Elegant design
  • Sculptural lines

Designed by Kateryna Sokolova, Ukraine

My home country of Ukraine is an inspiration to my industrial designs; its ever-changing transformations inspire me. I always try to catch cultural differences and uniqueness of the countries that I visit. To me a great design is a mixture of three important ingredients: simplicity, functionality, and passion.

Spant Studio

Leaves Lighting Variations


'Maiko' is the Japanese expression for a woman who is learning to become a geisha, and the Maiko pendant is inspired by the women's traditional hairstyles, which are both feminine and voluminous. Denis Guidone has designed an impeccable and graceful lamp made of mouth-blown glass – an elegant pendant over the dining table or as a beautiful light source in smaller rooms.

  • Stylish design
  • Inspired by Japanese culture
  • Delicate and feminine

Designed by Denis Guidone Design, Italy

I am fascinated and inspired by the contrasts between the East and the West, and my design work precisely balances the aesthetics of these two extremes. To me, beauty is something that arises in the dialogue between the rational and the irrational and between different cultures – this is where I find my inspiration. Good design should also be useful, which is why I am particularly inspired by people and how they use products and furniture in their daily lives. I look at movements and use. To me, simplicity is the result of a complex process, and good design should be functional and poetic at the same time.

Denis Guidone

Maiko Variations


These perfectly rounded glass balls create a reflective, shining light in any room, whichever size or variant you opt for. As a floor lamp, hovering over the dining table like pearls on a string, or as a single drop in the corner of the living room. Orb creates an exclusive atmosphere, which seems dramatically pared-back and yet refreshingly casual. The combination of brass, metal and glass adds an industrial edge to your home.

  • Organic shapes
  • Raw elegance
  • Several sizes, colours and variants

365° North, Denmark

Mo me, design has to make sense. Shape, colour and choice of materials have to add up and make sense to each and every single design. Good design is functional, beautiful and easy to understand.

365° North

Orb Lighting Variations
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