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Coffee tables in spectacular designs

The coffee table works as a central element in your living room's interior, and can be used to create a unique atmosphere and enhance your home with style and soul.
A coffee table from Bolia gives you every opportunity to create a spectacular piece in the living room or in the lounge area that will enchant and seduce you and your guests.
By choosing a coffee table that matches your personal style, you're using one of the living room's key furniture pieces to create an expressive statement.


In 2017, Singapore-based Dazingfeelsgood participated in the Bolia Design Award. These young designers had a dream of crafting a piece of furniture whose beauty lies in its irregularities. The result of their efforts was Latch: a sculptural series made from solid oak, featuring a multiplicity of contours and where the diameter of each component is unique. All three legs have different widths and the three table tops are terraced, taking inspiration from the picturesque rice fields of Asia. The Latch coffee table is simple yet extraordinarily experimental at the same time.

Dazingfeelsgood, Singapore

We believe that design, as much as art, should be integrated into everyday life. A great design should be consistent and cohesive; it should not only fulfill form and functionality, but also create experiences and evoke emotions among the users.

Latch Variations


Mix is a series of elegant and playful coffee tables that harmoniously combine different types of wood, materials and traditions. The inventive and alluring mix of materials that is apparent in each design creates a unique expression enhanced by the elegant and durable craftsmanship that lies behind it. An elegant combination of playful lightness and craftsmanship showcased in a classic and contemporary table.

  • Natural and sustainable materials
  • Traditional and beautiful craftsmanship
  • Elegant and rich in contrasts

Studio Gud, Portugal

We seek for beauty in the truth of shapes and materials, creating objects that aim to speak through our culture, traditions and memories. We are inspired by personal and collective experiences and stories - as well as by the history of design itself.

Mix Variations


The New Mood series includes different tables, coffee tables, sideboards and high boards, which are all available in carefully selected types of wood and laminate colours. Designed by Michael H. Nielsen, the collection was inspired by 50’s design, yet the creator has added modern characteristics such as the combination of wood types that are always present in the legs.

  • FSC™-certified wood
  • Choose from several colours and types of wood
  • Detail with two types of wood

Michael H. Nielsen, Denmark

My style is characterized by keeping the focus on the detail and "edge" that separates my designs from the crowd. One of my biggest influences is to register how much diversity there is among people and try to meet the very different needs that it creates.

I've always been fascinated by the craftsmanship and the interaction between craftsman and designer. Good design is what gives meaning and value to the people who use it.

New Mood Variations


The Peyote coffee table combines natural and elegant elements, with the leaf-shaped base elevating the robust table top, creating an expression that appears floating yet extravagant at the same time. The Peyote coffee table is made of moulded veneer, MDF and plywood, ensuring a long life. Combine the coffee table with a side table in a different colour from the same series, or let the coffee table tell its own beautiful, natural story.

  • Made from FSC-certified wood
  • The series comprises a dining table, coffee table and side table
  • Inspired by nature

e-ggs design, Italy

We are an interdisciplinary design studio composed of different personalities, backgrounds and perspectives, which create a dynamic design process. We are inspired by our surroundings and the world we live in. Materials, structures, colours, forms and hidden details that pique our curiosity. All helping to shape every single design, which express different reflections and ideas. Our designs are therefore a direct result of the interaction that takes place. Between us and the designers and between us and the outside world.

Peyote Variations


Plateau, designed by Büro Famos, is a series of coffee tables comprising just two simple wooden components: a top and a base. The top is made in solid wood and is milled to make the elegant edge frame the design. The distinctive edge also emphasises the highly skilled carpentry that is showcased throughout the series and creates a beautifully rounded design. The base is made of moulded veneer and also contains a concealed storage compartment, while the top can also serve as a tray.

Büro Famos, Germany

It is important for us to design long lasting products. So to speak: Taking the right material for the right application and creating an appealing good shape is important to make the owner wanting to use a product for a long time. This automatically binds pleasant memories and results in a long-lasting product.

We like to take into account different points of views - regarding design and technical aspects. Constant questioning is one of the greatest skills we need to do over and over again. We like to think our ideas through. From the initial idea to final product.

Plateau Variations


A side or coffee table that will add a sculptural element to any space Designed by Ukrainian designer Pavel Veltrov with a minimalist expression that highlights the luxurious materials – solid oak and Italian marble, carved into perfectly balanced shapes. Handcrafted in FSC®-certified oak.

  • Sculptural, handcrafted design
  • FSC®-certified oak and Italian marble
  • Available in two sizes

Designed by Pavel Vetrov, Ukraine

The Ukrainian designer, Pavel Vetrov, is particularly inspired by music and the world around him. Using a simple approach to the design process, he seeks to eliminate all unnecessary noise from his products in order to create something that is eye-catchingly simple. And for him, tactile, authentic materials and the intended function are the epitome of good design.

Root Variations


Story is an elegant series of handmade side, coffee and bar tables. Each design features the distinctively airy front formed by the elegant wooden columns. Transparent enough to show off your favourite items or just covered enough to conceal them behind the playful front. The designers behind it, Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler, wanted to create a long-lasting design that meets changing needs and wishes. Emphasised by quality craftsmanship and the natural oak that changes character over the years and makes each table unique with its own original and beautiful story. The tables are made of FSC-certified wood and each table is assembled with six bolts that are creatively hidden from the naked eye.

  • FSC™-certified oak
  • Airy and calming design
  • Long-lasting functional and aesthetic qualities

Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler, Denmark

The Danish design duo, Anna Karnov and Clara Mahler, are driven by the creation of a cohesion and connection between their products and the user. Their designs need to be long-lasting as well as being flexible in terms of function and aesthetics.

Among other things, the designer duo use the subtlety and ephemerality of time as an element in their design process and as a sustainable and timeless parameter in the end product. That's why they use materials that age gracefully and don't allow themselves to be inspired by fleeting trends. They want their designs to stand the test of time and be able to tell their own story. And this is the idea behind every single design that comes from the hand of the design duo.

Story Variations


Trace is made from FSC-certified wood and has a soft and organic design. Trace's name comes from the distinctive groove that frames the table top - and is a testament to the traditional wood craftsmanship used to create Trace. 

  • Made from FSC-certified wood
  • Organic expression
  • Traditional craftsmanship

Busetti Garuti Redaelli, Italy

The development of all our projects aims to achieve simple solutions, both technical and formal, privileging usability and legibility of the object. Through this process, we define our ideas reinterpreting traditional or innovative materials to make gentle life companions.

Inspirations are everywhere. What matters is to be receptive. We try to be influenced by a great variety of stimulus... always searching for inspirations, during our working time or free time, always keeping our eyes open. This is our state of mind.

Great design is, when looking at an object, the first thought is: it could only be so ...and after observing him longer: yes, there is no way to improve it, it’s perfect!

Trace Variations
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