We all know that choosing the ideal mattress is directly related to the quality of our sleep. The same applies when choosing a pillow. The appropriate pillow can offer us comfortable and quality sleep, by providing the necessary support to our neck and head.

The entos collection consists of anatomical pillows with Memory foam, Gel Memory foam, Air Memory foam, Latex & fiber. They are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, with thermoregulating properties and are placed inside Oeko-Tex certified covers, which can be removed and washed.

Whether you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or a face down sleeper, here you will find the perfect pillow for you. To enjoy quality and healthy sleep, experts recommend changing your pillow every 18-24 months.

Serta Classic Memory Foam

49,00 €

Memory Foam pillow 65x40x15cm


49,00 €

Memory Foam pillow 60x38cm with adjustable height

Serta Platinum Gel Memory Foam

69,01 €

Platinum Gel Memory Foam pillow 65x40x15cm

Royal Crown Memory Foam Pillow

39,00 €

Memory foam pillow 65x40x15cm

Royal Crown Two Sides

19,00 €

Two sides pillow 70x40x15cm

Royal Crown Air Memory Foam

59,00 €

Air memory foam pillow 62x38x12cm

Royal Crown Cloud Sleep

from 49 €    49,00 €

Air Memory foam pillow 70x40x12cm

Ocean Memory

70,00 €

Memory foam pillow 65x45x12cm

Ocean Latex

63,00 €

Latex pillow 65x40x14cm