Flowerpots by Bolia

Breathe fresh life into your home

Flowerpots designed to create calm and tranquil sanctuaries of nature inside your home.

Enliven your space and breathe fresh life into your home by going a little greener. Explore our large range of flowerpots for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


The glaze gives each vase a unique look with different nuances and details. The black steel foot elevates the vase from the floor, creating a light, uplifting look. A leafy, eye-catching plant would complement the vase's volume.

  • Unique design
  • Decorative
  • Material mix

Designed by Granstudio, Denmark

We are inspired from whatever we see and wherever we go, and we always try to integrate small details that either give the products a special functionality or make you smile... We take social responsibility in both our internal and external work as we believe the customer should feel confident about our products.

Spant Studio

Botanique Flower Pots Variations


Grove is a series of flowerpots designed to create small green breathing spaces in the home. The characteristic shape of the pots is designed to give the plants room and space to grow, while the calming aesthetics are designed not to steal attention. All deliberately designed to elevate your interior space, highlight the green and natural elements, and thereby create a unique feeling of well-being and tranquility in your home. A thoughtful design made of natural and durable materials that ages gracefully and effortlessly balances beauty, form and colour.

  • Quality long-lasting materials
  • Different versions
  • Elegant and functional shape

Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler, Denmark

The Danish design duo, Anna Karnov and Clara Mahler, are driven by the creation of a cohesion and connection between their products and the user. Their designs need to be long-lasting as well as being flexible in terms of function and aesthetics.

Among other things, the designer duo use the subtlety and ephemerality of time as an element in their design process and as a sustainable and timeless parameter in the end product. That's why they use materials that age gracefully and don't allow themselves to be inspired by fleeting trends. They want their designs to stand the test of time and be able to tell their own story. And this is the idea behind every single design that comes from the hand of the design duo.
Anna Karnov and Clara Mahler

Grove Flower Pot Variations


Highlands is a series of flower pots where the designers had a clear desire to create a green landscape inspired by architectural lines. The distinctive design language means the pots can be used as a room partition both inside and outside. Highlands is made of coloured fibre concrete and is naturally waterproof.

  • Functional flower pot
  • Distinct and beautiful design
  • Practical form and function


We’re a design studio based in Berlin exploring all aspects of furniture, lighting and interior design. For us, design is an inseparable part of our lives, it’s an expression of our personality and a creative reflection of the society that surrounds us. We see opportunities in everything around us, and it’s the everyday experiences that inspires us the most.

Our goal is to create simple yet original designs that solve a complex problem in an innovative and functional way. It’s essential that techniques, materials and aesthetics come together, and we believe great design should challenge the conventional and mundane.


Highlands Flowerpot Variations
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